16. Januar 2024

Global Wellness – Dr. Tony Nader – Leader of TM Organization worldwide

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Falls du Englisch verstehst, ob du eine Meditation wie Mindfulness oder TM praktizierst oder nicht, du wirst tiefe Einsichten aus diesem inspirierenden Gespräch gewinnen. Sehr empfehlenswertes Video. Faszinierende Einsichten für dich, für jeden und jede.

A conversation with Dr. Tony Nader, a guest on Global Wellness Conversations Podcast. Hosted by Kim Marshall. "We’re going to dive deep into the mysteries of consciousness with Dr. Tony Nader, a renowned neuroscientist and the leader of the Transcendental Meditation Organization worldwide. Dr. Nader, with his rich background in medicine and neuroscience from Harvard and MIT, sheds light on how Transcendental Meditation transcends traditional mindfulness practices and taps into the very essence of our being. Join us as we explore the fundamental nature of consciousness, its implications for our daily lives, and the potential it holds for global peace and well-being." 10,000 for World Peace Event Dec. 29 to Jan. 13. Dr Tony Nader | Instagram instagram.com/drtonynader Dr Tony Nader | Twitter twitter.com/drtonynader Dr Tony Nader | YouTube youtube.com/DrTonyNader

Siehe auch den Apple-Podcast von Tony Nader - über 100 Sendungen


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